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This month (Julys Care Package) MyLadyBug has teamed up Sana Naturals. An Irish company that produces Natural eco- friendly skin care. Products infused with the healing forces of Mother Nature to nourish your body & soul.

Sana Naturals are on a mission to share the beautifying magic of plants and minerals straight from Nature. Helping you heal and nurture your body and soul. Bringing you joy and a peaceful mind, and inspire a return to our roots, and the wisdom of our ancestors.

Hormones and your Skin:

Did you know that our skin undergoes a series of changes over the 28-day cycle,  similar to the timeframe of your period. Skin cells grow and turn over approximately every 28 days: with your menstrual cycle also occurring within the same time frame, causing estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels to fluctuate and have different effects on your skin within different phases of your period.

The four phases of your period :

  1. The follicular phase (day one of your period up to ovulation)
  2. Ovulation, (two weeks before your period arrives)
  3. the luteal phase (post-ovulation up to the start of the period),
  4. Menstrual phase.

Altering your skin care routine based on your time of the month as a result can be super beneficial. Our bodies have many cues we can become more in-tune with. I for one am very familiar with the blemishes that start to make appearance’s. Right about here the levels of estrogen starts to decrease which initiates good ol PMS. Skins tends to looks its worst on the days leading up to your periods. Estrogen consequently starts to decreases and progesterone and testosterone start to kick in. Progesterone and testosterone cause the fluctuation of oil production therefore leading to larger and clogged pores. Welcome to breakout city!

Sana Naturals 

It’s a no brainer that we have partnered with “Sana Naturals” to help you understand your skin care cycle. Pre menstrual cycle skin will appear dull, and sebum production may decrease, leading to low moisture retention. Many skin experts suggest that using products high vitamin C and antioxidants help to alleviate this dullness. Reviving your natural glow during your menstrual Cycle . Each of our MyLadyBug July care packages will feature a beautiful sample of Sana Naturals – Vitamin C Serum that will help rejuvenate and furthermore nourish your skin from within. Every ingredient has been added for a therapeutic reason, to help restore, re- balance, deeply nourish and thoroughly feed your skin.

Sana Naturals Sana Naturals – Vitamin C Serum :

This lightweight and non-pore clogging golden formula serves as a moisturiser, serum and an under eye treatment all in one. The unique blend of botanical oils absorbs quickly to nourish and hydrate your skin.  Helping to regulate sebum production, and furthermore restore the natural balance of your skin. Which therefore aids in maintaining its optimal elasticity. This luxurious nectar offers indulgence and soothing comfort for all skin types. Most noteworthy this includes problematic skin that is sensitive, damaged, inflamed, irritated or prone to breakouts. We are certainly impressed by what Sana Naturals has on offer.

Sana Naturals have kindly given us a discount to share with you 15% of all products purchased from there online e-store at SanaNaturals.

15% off all orders with discount code: myladybug (expires 30th September)

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