Human and Kind – Self Love Care to Help Treat You and Your Skin

This month (May Care Package) MyLadyBug has teamed up Human and Kind. An Irish skin care range with the founding principle of humanity. Skincare with a Conscience- Kind to Humans, Animals (no animal testing), and to the Environment. All the beauty benefits with none of the ‘nasties.’

I dunno about you ladies, but Human and Kind had me at their signature packaging. They have taken very fresh and bold approach that sets them apart. Creating a very distinct and striking brand and super Instagram worthy.


Human and Kind – Beyond the Packaging

Human and Kind have a strong belief that in order for us to truly be kind to others, you have to start by being kind to yourself. I think little moments like applying a moisturiser, or a simple lip balm to your skin is the ultimate self love care any person can do. Human+kInd have created a beautiful collection of beauty, skin, body, and haircare products. Formulated with the finest ingredients of nature, multitasking benefits, and without harsh chemicals for the ultimate feeling of kind.

It’s a no brainer that we have partnered with “Human and Kind” to help you curate a beauty routine that puts your skin first. MyLadyBug May care packages will feature Human and Kind Orange Lip balms with a special blend of natural goodness contains Vitamin E rich Olea Europaea Fruit Oil and soothing Jojoba oil. Helping to leave your lips moisturised, soft and sensationally smooth. Perfect for even sensitive skin and 100% natural formula and vegan too!


Human and Kind have kindly given us a discount to share with you 20% of all products purchased from there online e-store at Human+Kind. Products are also available in your favourite retailers such as  Boots, Lloyds Pharmacy, Rickys NYC etc.

20% off all orders with discount code: myladybug (expires 30th June)

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