Uplift and Energize your Cycle with Íon Herbs

This month (Septembers Care Package) MyLadyBug has teamed up Íon Herbs Natural Health Tonics. An Irish company that produces 100% natural health tonics. Ion Herbs aims to put herbs back in the spotlight as our best health allies!

Íon Herbs Natural Health Tonics are superbly effective at boosting our health, nourishing our organs and preventing illnesses from developing. Why complicate things when nature grows ready-made medicine!

As we all no during our periods you can feel drained, with Ion herbs your energy stays vibrant, no matter what day of your cycle you are on. Simply take 1 tonic daily, and for best results begin your programme of tonics on the onset of PMS or 3 days before your period begins.

Many of the health drinks we see on our shelves contain synthetically-produced vitamins and a variety of additives. íon health tonics feature the best of nature and nothing else. Their tonics are 100% plant-based meaning the nutrients, vitamins and minerals are more bioavailable to you.

Íon health tonics contain:

  • no sugar
  • no sweeteners
  • no additives
  • no preservatives
  • no caffeine
  • no binders

We don’t like to say ‘no’ all that often, so instead we chose íon – the Irish term for ‘pure’ to represent our brand.  Ion Herds Founder Dr. Aoife Kelly

Their Philosophy

1. Prevention of illness is possible with a pure diet, supported by herbs and a positive, balanced lifestyle. Herbs help with prevention of illness while drugs focus on treatment.

2. We never compromise on purity. Pure, minimalist ingredients allow for maximum herbal benefit.

3. Our 100% plant-based tonics allow you to connect with nature with each herbal sip, easing the stresses from constant digital-connectivity. Log off…Plant up.

4. To strive for a work-life balance is an illusion. Know that every moment is your life. And every moment is an opportunity to thrive!

screen-shot-2017-09-30-at-16-10-29With Íon tonics your energy stays vibrant, no matter what day of your cycle you are on.

For more information and to purchase your own Ion Herbs herbal tonic programme see www.ionherbs.com and use discount code MYLADYBUG to get 25% off.

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